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Why Did It Take 50 Years For Calvinists To Care About Race?: How The Mainline Saved Evangelicalism

Religion, The South, Uncategorized on June 13th, 2015 24 Comments

The Civil-Rights Movement in America lasted from roughly 1955 to 1968 (with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1968). That was half a century ago. In what many people would call “remarkable,” 2015 may go down in the annals of American church history as the year that conservative, Calvinist Baptists and conservative Presbyterians [...]

Learning From Retired PC(USA) Pastors

Religion on October 18th, 2014 3 Comments

Check this: A white 72-year-old PC(USA) pastor who used to participate in civil-rights activism in the 1960s told me this story about Young Life in Alabama in the 1970s during his years doing youth ministry in the North Alabama Presbytery: As the Presbyterian Church got more and more involved in social justice and introduced more [...]

Coming Soon New Book: Black Scholars In White Space: New Vistas in African American Studies from the Christian Academy

Books, Politics, Religion on May 28th, 2014 No Comments

These are among the most dynamic black scholars in Christian Higher Education. Never before in American history have we had this many African Americans teaching at America’s Christian colleges and university. If you have African Americans teaching at your Christian college you are witnessing history. Be thankful! Working Title: Black Scholars In White Space: New [...]

A Gentle, Friendly Request For Southern Baptist Writers

Religion, Uncategorized on May 20th, 2014 5 Comments

Soong-Chan Rah and I have been writing and speaking about race and evangelicalism trends for decades. That work culminated in a project we started called Gospel and Race because we believe, as the data indicates, that the future of American evangelicalism will be diversely Asian American, Hispanic, and African American in its public expression, if [...]

How Evangelicals Sold Out To Politics And Lost Their Kids In The Process

Religion on February 4th, 2014 14 Comments

I had an “aha” moment reading Eastern Orthodox theology the other day. Ok, so here’s a thesis (it’s just a thesis and I’m sure someone else has pointed to these things before): it’s doubtful that evangelicalism will ever have another Carl-Henry-era “center” again. In it’s desire for centralizing structural/cultural power, the Carl Henry-era/CT evangelicalism, with [...]

Ebony Exodus Project: So, Who Cares About Black Women?

Religion on January 12th, 2014 6 Comments

This video was painfully hard to watch. WOW. Really hard. This is a project (explained also in a book) describing why it is that black women are increasingly walking away from Christianity (esp. word-of-faith type churches). It was hard to listen to Candance’s story. These are the stories that mainstream evangelicalism is ignorant of because [...]

King’s College Students At Poverty Cure NYC Film Festival, Dec. 12th

Religion on December 13th, 2013 No Comments

Does your Christianity begin with Gen 1 & 2 or Gen 3?

Religion on August 8th, 2013 1 Comment

I explain over at The Acton Institute. Beginning with Gen 1 & 2: God is redeeming people and creation. Beginning with Gen 3: God is only burdened by the salvation of individuals for the this life and the one to come. Which are you are why?

What’s So ‘Evangelical’ About Rachel Held Evans?

Religion on August 3rd, 2013 1 Comment

The short answer: nothing. Here’s the moral of the RHE story: the best way to read her is through the lens of Mainline Protestantism. Nothing she writes is anything we haven’t heard from Carter Heyward. Nothing. Rachel Held Evans’ follow-up to her recent CNN post about Millennials should finally settle the issue of where she [...]

The Vocation of The Intellectual: James Sire Explains What I Do For A Living

Religion on July 29th, 2013 2 Comments

For most of my career, people who work for churches and Christian ministries have never understood what it is I actually do for a living as an academic and research fellow. James Sire, however, gets it. I wish I could put the following quote as a disclaimer in everything I write so that those who [...]