August 8, 2013

Does your Christianity begin with Gen 1 & 2 or Gen 3?

I explain over at The Acton Institute.

Beginning with Gen 1 & 2: God is redeeming people and creation.

Beginning with Gen 3: God is only burdened by the salvation of individuals for the this life and the one to come.

Which are you are why?

One response to “Does your Christianity begin with Gen 1 & 2 or Gen 3?”

  1. Read your article. Awesome stuff! I am becoming a Gen 1&2 Christian, but firmly steeped in Gen 3 Christianity. The big question for me has been born out of Genesis and Revelation, the beginning and the “end”. Why did a God, who is Spirit, create a physical universe, physical men if only to destroy it all and bring us into a purely spiritual existence? The problem as I see it is not only a lack of thought concerning God’s desire and purpose for man, but also a popular end-time theology that does and end-run around the resurrection and has us ending up in a ghostly state.