January 12, 2014

Ebony Exodus Project: So, Who Cares About Black Women?

This video was painfully hard to watch. WOW. Really hard. This is a project (explained also in a book) describing why it is that black women are increasingly walking away from Christianity (esp. word-of-faith type churches). It was hard to listen to Candance’s story. These are the stories that mainstream evangelicalism is ignorant of because black women are basically invisible in those circle. Additionally, these women are generally too conservative for mainline churches to have a platform there as well. They are, then, left to the anti-intellectual word-of-faith movement leaving them without sufficient categories to navigate the broad brokenness of shalom.

To make matters worse, when black men leave the black church and move into evangelical circles they are often inadvertently discipled away from caring about the needs of black women, or desiring their company, leaving many black women on an island alone. These are black women who often suffer the twin burdens of gender and race making them, according to the data, the least desired of all women in America. Her interview also provides some perspective as to why I prefer Christian counseling models like “Christian Psychology Model” (Covenant Seminary) and the “Christian Integration Model” (Reformed Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, etc.) over and against the “Biblical Counseling” model.

So, then, what’s the consequence of paying no attention to the unique needs of black women? Let’s call it the “Ebony Exodus Project.”

Links: Tim Keller explains the 4 different models of Christian counseling here. The book The Ebony Exodus Project.

6 response to “Ebony Exodus Project: So, Who Cares About Black Women?”

  1. Wow this was hard to watch. I’m saddened that the congregation she attended didn’t she her as valuable along with so many other Black women. It does sound like tthough given to her first statement that her ultimate pursuit was not Jesus alone but health and prosperity. If she pursued Jesus she would know that He is the truth and knowledge she was looking for. She would also had the freedom no matter what her church said to do see a doctor about her illness. It makes me made the the average black church looks for a whoop and and a shout on Sunday mornings and people are falling away because truth is not proclaimed. I love the black church I just pray that more preachers see the need to preach Christ alone and realize in this case that God created medicine and chicken grease (the olive oil on the pulpit) don’t heal nothing.

  2. I notice that she still presents “Word-of-Faith/health-and-wealth” teachings as being what Christianity teaches. Word-Faith teaching is not Christianity at all.

    However, the rejection of psychiatric and psychological medicine is not just a “Word-Faith” problem; it is a major problem in parts of Evangelicalism, as well as all of Fundamentalism. The “Biblical Counseling” movement that you mentioned is the major exponent of this kind of thinking in the Reformed world. Too many people are willing to follow any guru (like Jay Adams or Bill Gothard) who shows up and claims to have discovered the “Biblical” way to do this or that over against the “worldly” or “secular” way. The rejection of psychiatric medicine can be (and often is) as deadly as the rejection of any other valid medicine.

    Open anti-intellectualism in rampant in Pentecostalism, Evangelicalism, and Fundamentalism. Adams, a Calvinist, tries to appear intellectual, but it is the same thing nonetheless. (I’m not Reformed or Evangelical, but I have been watching these trends).

  3. It’s interesting that what ends up being talked about in the comments–with the exception of 1–is criticism of different denominations. The plight of this woman gets lost in the debate. Someone has been wounded, turned away. Where are the shepherds who will search for the lost sheep?

  4. The point is that there is no god. Never has been. Never will be. People have been brainwashed with this mythological nonsense for all of time and it has done nothing but cause atrocities throughout all of history. As society becomes more educated people realize that none of this was ever meant to be taken as factual. They’re all just old stories that have been repackaged again and again and again and all of it has been used to justify racism and misogyny. Grow up people! If this god really existed and cared for people we wouldn’t need medicine or science or technology. Where is this so-called god when there are tornadoes and earthquakes and children being raped and dying of hunger and disease all over the world? He’s supposed to be so all powerful and sees everything but does nothing to help? That’s not a god. That’s a monster. Those so called holy books have been dividing people for generations because people have been so brainwashed that they can’t even see the truth in front of their own eyes. It’s all the fault of different denominations? Yes. People have been killing each other over this for all of time. We’re on our own in this life and all we have are each other. The world would be a better place if we all helped each other out from the goodness of our hearts without all of the god nonsense. Some of you are so brainwashed that you can’t even hear what she’s actually saying. It’s not about being turned away. The truth is that preaching about some christ that never even existed never changed anything for anyone, except for in their own brainwashed minds. Those are the sheep being led to the slaughter. Wake up people. It’s not real. It never was.