July 20, 2013

How Evangelicals Can Learn About the Black Experience

A white evangelical recently asked me if there were any “Christian books” to help him learn about the black experience. My recommendation was to skip the books and actually have some black friends as peers (esp. from the the black church tradition) and the kind that won’t allow you to rest in your socio-cultural assumptions (i.e., they will call you out). There is nothing more powerfully challenging than to be in a friendship with someone from a different culture. You can’t learn about another culture from within your tribe. You have to leave it to learn. I also suggested becoming members of a black church and being minorities for once. Part of the privilege of being white (esp. a white evangelical) is that you can live your life avoiding peer and professional relationships with people of color, blacks and Latinos do not have that option.

But if you need a book to move things along start here.