December 16, 2013

Pope Francis Is Exposing The Idol Of Politics Among The Religious Left And Progressive Evangelicals

Pope Francis is exposing people. After completing the 84-page single-spaced document, this one truth is clarified about Evangelii gaudium: anyone who immediately celebrated the document’s critique of an atheistic libertarian understanding of the role of free markets does not understand Christianity and/or revealed that for progressive Christians political ideology drives their understanding of Christianity. For example, those who shared and re-shared the “Business Insider” drivel about the condemnation of capitalism exposed that their Christianity is syncretize with political ideology.

Here’s why I say this: only 3% of the entire document is about economic concerns (I counted). The focus of the document revolves around the need for increased evangelism and apologetics, spreading of his understanding of the Gospel, increasing Bible teaching in local parishes, more Bible-centered preaching, catechizing children in the faith, and paying attention to the poor.

The 97% did not make the headlines and is not what went viral–but the 3% did. Don’t believe the hype. Progressive Christians are just as idolatrously driven by political ideological as syncretistic conservatives. The headlines about this document should have been about what it means that the Catholic church is mobilizing to launch in international program centered on evangelism. Instead we’re talking about 9 paragraphs out of 288. What does this tell us?