July 20, 2013

POTUS is right about the black experience

President Obama is right in his reminding America what it means to be black in America. I spent several years being called the “N” word and racially slurred by Calvinists and some in the PCA. You can read about my experience here.

Like the President said, “those sets of experiences informs” how we talk about race. He is 100% correct.

I was recently in the midwest at a conference in a 5-star hotel (wearing a suit, BTW) and I walked up to an elevator with a blonde, white woman. When the elevator doors open to go up I walked on the elevator alone. She just stood there. I even stood there and held the door for a second. Then I was remind of regular watching of women in NYC clutch their purses when I walk by. It is what it is.

2 response to “POTUS is right about the black experience”

  1. As Dennis Prager always likes to say about so much of the “victim” therapeutic mindset of today: “So What?!” Honestly, listening to men complain about this sort of thing makes me think “Well, boo effing hoo!” As women, especially those of us who live in big cities, we walk around and have men learing at our chests, making disgusting sexual comments as we walk by as to what they’d like to do to us (e.g. “slam my meat into your. . . . ” & a whole array of lovely private thoughts they feel compelled to share). And guess what, homeboy: sometimes guys in suits are disgusting and the working class guys can be gentlemen, so we don’t assume the clothes tell us much – this comes down to individual human beings and the choices they make when no one else can see or hear. Aggressive predators – verbally and, oh yes, BTW men commit 100% of rapes/sexual assaults. We deal. So for you men who notice a women clutches her purse, or crosses the street, or doesn’t get on an elevator alone with you so you decide she is a racist: Grow up. Learn what it’s like to live in a woman’s body and listen to disgusting verbal predators day in and out. It’s not all about YOU. And even if they ARE racist, GROW UP. We all live in the real, imperfect world. No one is capturing you and selling you into slavery or sexual servitude. These people aren’t murdering you or sending you off to a gulag in Siberia or a death camp in Poland. Really. Grow a pair and learn to live with imperfect, flawed, fallen fellow human beings without whining & whinging about your terrible victimhood. Most of the REAL violent, vicious, criminal offenses afflicting African Americans are perpetrated by OTHER African Americans. Where is the hue & cry? I know people who lost entire extended families to Hitler, people whose parents were sent to starve to death in the countryside in Mao’s Cultural Revolution & under Pol Pot’s genocide. People who’s city was bombed nightly in the Blitz who picked their way through the rubble & the carnage and went to work each morning because one had to carry on. World Health Organization estimates 140 Million girls & women alive today have suffered genital mutilation. Children in South Asia are commonly sold into forced child prostitution that ends their childhoods, their educations, destroys their lives & usually kills them eventually. But YOU have it SO BAD?!? Honestly, when even conservative Christians in America start whinging they are the victims of Man’s Inhumanity To Man — and the flabby examples they offer are bigots flinging vulgar epithets, or security-minded women thinking “better safe than sorry”, or merchants watching them shop — I really think we live in a nation of historical illiterates & pantywaists who have NO CONCEPT of what genuine cruelty, hardship & viciousness is. Suck it up. Stop hyperventilating. Be a man. Get a life. Try walking around in a woman’s body & see how much revolting unwanted attention you attract. Or better yet, try walking around in a woman’s body in Saudi Arabia, where you will be wearing a dehumanizing shroud (on pain of death), not permitted to drive, and will live under Sharia law that counts you as subhuman. It’s amazing women everywhere don’t all commit suicide, isn’t it? People saying bad things and looking at us funny. Oh, I think I’m feeling faint. . . . Really. The world is imperfect and as Americans of any race, religion, gender or socioeconomic class we are BLESSED BY ANY COMPARATIVE STANDARD IN WORLD HISTORY. Put on your big boys’ pants & move forward in life. And if you make it to the White House, set an example or resiliency and transcendence, instead of pandering to the pathetic snivelers whining because store security casts a suspicious eye. 99% of the world’s population across history should be so lucky that was the worst thing ever to happen to them. . . .